Types of Intellectual Property Rights
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Types of Intellectual Property Rights

Types of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property is not just about declaring your assets or products. Intellectual properties generally come in four major types with its own attributes and requirements. These mafia slot forms are generally protected and can have a mutual exclusiveness to them. Depending on the approach, you need to make sure that you are making a sensible stance. In this article, we will be discussing the types of intellectual property rights.


Patent protection allows one to protect their innovative ideas and help them have a preventative idea. Patents are some of the things which will allow you to have the right IP protection. When an innovation team is working on developing an thai slot idea, they will draw up with a plan and gather the resources which will allow the idea to be a reality. The prototypes will be made and can be created to help provide some of the most accurate descriptions which will allow one to end the product. If the invention is worth, the patent protection organisation can have their very own provisional patent application.


A trademark ซาสิโน is unlike a patent which allows one to protect the words, phrase and symbols. Trademarks are often considered to be assets which identify the source of underlying products. Trademark does not require you to have government approval and can be applied to interstate commerce. A trademark application allows the company to have a clearer product which can be clear in description and can easily represent a mark which can be conjured with the product or services.


Copyright does not protect the idea but the manner in which the idea can be viewed. Copyright is the original authorship of the written works, art, music and other architectural drawings. There are certain exceptions which allows one to have the right protection, which allows one to have the right control, reproduction and performance. Copyright is attached to a tangible medium that can allow one to have the right protection from any kind of danger. Copyrighting is much more easier than using the trademarks.

Trade secret

Trade secrets are the proprietary procedure which makes sure that the information is kept confidential and can allow one to have an exclusive to the company who are using them. The act itself is one can allow a company to stay in its best shape. This is a federally regulated registration process where the company is in possession of the secret, but necessary precautions are taken to maintain the secret. There is a proactive process which allows one to make sure that the process is secure and can have the while taking care of the non-disclosure agreements. This is one of the first defences that is put to help ensure that people do not misappropriate your trade secret.

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