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Tricks to Get More Comps from a Casino

Tricks Casino

Tricks to Get More Comps from a Casino

Bonuses are the most attractive in a casino; many say so. Online casinos have become the face of gambling today with the abundant choices of games and rewards that follow. Despite the perks in an online casino, many gamblers prefer the real experience of luxury. But what they always feel deprived of are the cash bonuses available online. In the land-based casinos, comps take the place of such rewards. It could include free food or discounts on meals and hotel accommodation.

When you wager big, you earn quite a large sum in return and comps could also come your way to serve you with delight. Casinos are businesses that always monitor the game to determine the complementary that you can redeem for the kind of คา สิ โน สด game that you are playing. You don’t easily bag the bonuses in a roll; figuring out the strategy and progress of the game is essential. Here are a few tips to trick the casinos into giving you comps for a gamble.

1.     Tricking the Pit Boss is the Key

Well-established methods aren’t available to track your game at the casino, thereby having pit bosses appointed to monitor it. Every pit boss would be assigned certain zones to track. Look for your pit boss and make sure that you make your intelligent moves while he is around. When the casinos are crowded, you can take it your advantage and play the tricks to make the pit boss think that you are leading in wagers and that odds are on your side. Make the bigger bets according to the plan both when the pit boss is at your table for the initial 2-3 wagers and each time that he is back around the game.

2.     Sit Through the Game for Some Rounds

Playing the game for hours will not reflect in a win or comps. Your number of hands per hour determines the rewards that you receive. When you play more rounds, the casino would be under the impression that you are playing quite an exciting game with significant wagers. Make the casino authorities believe that you have been playing the game for a long time by sitting out for a few rounds. By doing so, you can elude the chances of losses through the casino’s advantage and also bag more comps.

3.     Pit Boss Keeps an Eye on the Risky Bets

House edge will also be recorded on every bet that you place, so make the risky bets when the pit boss is around. It could put you under some serious risk to take up the wager that keputusan gd lotto 4d could lead to immense losses. But when you do this, you would get rated higher and the chance to get better comps increases.

4.     Make Some Even Without Gambling

Several casinos also provide comps to the ones who visit the casinos to have a drink and enjoy the sight of the game. When you spend money within that compound on anything that appeals to you, there is a chance that you end up with unexpected comps.

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